Family Counseling

My Practice, Valley Family Counseling, Inc.,  provides Family Counseling for Marriage Counseling, Anger Management Control, Grief and Loss Counseling and Therapy.

Marriage Counseling

Almost all married couples who have seen a counselor for marriage counseling will tell you that the process helped to improve their lives. Most of the time, the outcome is a more intimate relationship and a deeper understanding of one another. In rarer cases, counseling helps two people come to terms with the fact that their marriage will not work out in the long term. First of all, it is important to note that almost all couples can benefit from counseling, even if their problems do not seem intractable. Most of us could stand to improve our approach to conflict, and one of the key things that you can learn in marriage counseling is how to deal with disagreements without allowing them to escalate to an all-out war.

Anger Management Counseling

Emotions usually surface when you are placed in stressful situations. If you have anger issues, the common way of coping with a difficult event is to go on a defensive mode. Whether you realize it or not, it may have be easier for you to become angry than to deal directly with the situation.
However, this does not resolve anything because the problem will still be there even when your anger has abated. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, there are a number of anger management tips you can use.

Grief and Loss Counseling

Grief is a mental anguish or pain caused by loss or despair. Everyone experiences some form of grief at some point in their lifetime, whether it be the loss of a loved one or even the loss of a cherished pet. Sometimes, the despair may be related to health or financial issues. Regardless of the cause, recovering from this heartbreak is often very difficult for the person experiencing this pain. Some people recover quickly and move on with their lives, while others require more time to overcome their loss. Although people handle grief differently, many common phases exist while in the grieving process. By acknowledging these phases, you can heal a little more quickly.

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